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FAQs Related to Revision Single Knee Replacement

Why is revision knee replacement needed?

Revision may be necessary due to wear and tear of the implant, loosening, infection, instability, or other complications that affect the function of the artificial knee joint.

How is revision single knee replacement different from primary knee replacement? 

In revision surgery, the existing artificial knee components are removed or adjusted, and new components are implanted. It is a more complex procedure than primary knee replacement due to the presence of the previous implant.

What are the signs that a revision may be needed? 

Persistent pain, swelling, instability, decreased range of motion, or the presence of complications like infection may indicate the need for revision.

How is the surgery performed? 

Revision involves removing the existing components, addressing any issues with the bone or surrounding tissues, and implanting new components to restore knee function.

Can all complications be addressed with revision surgery? 

While many complications can be addressed with revision surgery, the success of the procedure depends on various factors, including the nature of the complication and the overall health of the patient.

What is the recovery process like for revision knee replacement? 

Recovery is generally more extended compared to primary knee replacement. Physical therapy is crucial for regaining strength, flexibility, and mobility.

Are there risks associated with revision knee replacement? 

Risks include infection, blood clots, anesthesia-related complications, and the possibility of persistent or new complications. The surgeon will discuss these risks during the preoperative consultation.

Can a person lead a normal life after revision knee replacement? 

With successful surgery and proper rehabilitation, many individuals can lead active and fulfilling lives. However, expectations should be discussed with the healthcare team.

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