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Cost of Amputation- Above Knee Surgery in India

Approximate Cost for the Treatment

Approximate Cost for the Treatment

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Cost of Amputation- Above Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Amputation- Above Knee replacement is a surgical procedure that involves to remove your leg above your knee cap. You may need an amputation because of an injury, a tumor, or an infection. The cost of knee replacement in India can vary based on several factors. These factors include the city where the surgery is performed, the chosen hospital or clinic, the surgeon's fees, the type of knee implant used, and the specific requirements of the individual patient.

What is Amputation- Above Knee Replacement

Amputation- Above Knee replacement, is a surgical procedure that involves to remove your leg above your knee cap because of an injury, a tumor, or an infection. It is a common treatment for severe knee pain and disability caused by conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or injury.

Cost of Amputation- Above Knee Replacement in Major Cities of India

For Indian patients, the cost of Amputation- Above Knee Replacement in India ranges from Rs. 3,00,000 to 4,00,000 & for International patients between USD 5500 to 6500 USD for the procedure.


Here is an overview of the approximate cost of Amputation- Above Knee Replacement in major cities of India:


Cities Cost (INR) Cost (USD)
Delhi 3,30,000 to 3,70,000 5500 to 5700 USD
Mumbai 3,70,000 to 4,00,000 5600 to 5900 USD
Chennai 3,40,000 to 3,80,000 5500 to 5600 USD
Bangalore 3,60,000 to 4,00,000 5700 to 6200 USD
Kolkata 3,00,000 to 3,50,000 5500 to 5700 USD


It's important to note that these are approximate costs and may vary based on individual cases and hospitals.

Amputation- Above Knee Replacement Cost in India Vs Other Countries

India offers highly cost-effective Amputation- Above Knee Replacement procedures compared to many other countries. Here is a comparison of Knee Replacement costs in India with some popular medical tourism destinations:


Country Cost Of Knee Replacement (Approx.)
India 5500 to 6500 USD
Thailand 6500 to 7500 USD
Turkey 7000 to  7500 USD
United States 18000 to 35000 USD
United Kingdom 12000 to 15000 € 

These figures indicate the significant cost advantage offered by India for Amputation- Above Knee Replacement surgeries, making it an attractive destination for medical tourists seeking quality treatment at an affordable price.

Cost of different factors affecting the Amputation- Above Knee replacement Surgery

The cost of knee replacement surgery in India can be influenced by several factors, including:

    1. Type of hospital: The choice of hospital, whether it is a government, private, or specialized orthopedic hospital, can affect the cost.

    2. Surgeon's expertise: The experience and reputation of the surgeon can impact the cost.

    3. Type of knee implant: The choice of knee implant, whether it is a standard or high-end implant, can affect the cost.

    4. Additional medical services: Additional services such as pre-operative tests, post-operative rehabilitation, and medication can add to the overall cost.

Pre and Post Medical Tests for Amputation- Above Knee Replacement

Before undergoing Amputation- Above knee replacement surgery in India, several medical tests are typically conducted to assess the patient's overall health and ensure a safe procedure. These tests may include blood tests, X-rays, ECG, and other evaluations to check for any underlying medical conditions.
Similarly, post-surgery, the patient may require physical therapy, pain management, and follow-up consultations to monitor the recovery progress and ensure a successful outcome.

Recovery time

The recovery time after an above-knee amputation (AKA) surgery can vary depending on various factors, including the individual's overall health, age, and the specific circumstances leading to the surgery. While there is no fixed timeline for recovery, it generally takes several weeks to several months for individuals to regain mobility and adapt to their new prosthetic limb.

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Treatment Related Information


Above-Knee Amputation Procedure:

Indications: Above-knee amputation is performed in cases of severe trauma, extensive tumors, non-healing infections, or vascular diseases that jeopardize the functionality of the lower limb.

Surgical Process: The surgery involves removing the leg above the knee joint, carefully considering factors such as preserving adequate soft tissue for prosthetic fitting.


Above-Knee Amputation Recovery and Rehabilitation:

Postoperative Care: Patients undergo postoperative care, including wound management, pain control, and infection prevention.

Rehabilitation: Physical therapy is crucial for adjusting to the amputation, improving strength, and learning to use a prosthetic limb.


Complications in Above-Knee Amputation:

Infection and Healing: Potential complications include infection and delayed wound healing, managed through careful surgical techniques and postoperative care.

Neuroma Formation: Neuromas (nerve tissue growth) can occur and may require management.


Above-Knee Amputation Prevention and Early Intervention:

Prevention: In some cases, early intervention and medical management may prevent the need for amputation.

Decision-Making: The decision for amputation is based on the overall health of the individual and the severity of the condition.

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Amputation - Above Knee cost

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Amputation - Above Knee cost

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Amputation - Above Knee At Yapita Health

At Yapita Health, we have a team of world-class Orthopedic surgeons who have years of experience in performing Amputation-above knee  surgeries. Our doctors are thorough with the latest tools and techniques and are pioneering robotic knee surgeries globally. Every year, thousands of patients prefer to visit Yapita Health for knee replacement surgeries relative to its success and affordability. We have delivered surgeries with the highest success rates worldwide and continue to expand our healthcare services in 20+ countries. If you have any concerns, feel free to reach out.

FAQs Related to Amputation - Above Knee

Why is an above-knee amputation performed?

Above-knee amputation may be necessary due to conditions such as extensive trauma, malignancy, non-healing infections, or severe vascular disease that compromise the leg's viability.

How is the surgery performed? 

Above-knee amputation involves removing the leg above the knee joint. The surgery is carefully planned to ensure proper wound healing and the creation of a functional residual limb.

What is the recovery process like? 

Recovery involves postoperative care, pain management, and rehabilitation. Physical therapy is crucial for adjusting to the use of prosthetics and maintaining mobility.

How long does it take to adjust to a prosthetic limb? 

Adjusting to a prosthetic limb varies for each individual. Physical therapy plays a vital role in helping patients adapt to using the prosthetic limb and regain functional mobility.

What are the potential complications of above-knee amputation?

Complications may include infection, delayed wound healing, neuroma formation (nerve tissue growth), and psychological challenges. The risk of complications is managed through careful surgical technique and postoperative care.

Can above-knee amputation be prevented? 

In some cases, especially in situations involving trauma or vascular diseases, early intervention and medical management may help prevent the need for amputation. However, this is not always possible, and the decision is made based on the individual's overall health and the severity of the condition.

What psychological support is available for individuals undergoing above-knee amputation?

Psychosocial support, including counseling and support groups, is essential for individuals facing amputation. Coping with the emotional and psychological aspects of limb loss is a crucial part of the overall recovery process.

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