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Cost of Cementless Total Hip Replacement in India

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Cost of Cementless Total Hip Replacement in India

Cementless Total hip replacement is a surgical procedure that involves replacing a damaged or diseased hip joint with an artificial implant. The cost of Cementless total hip replacement in India can vary depending on various factors, including the city where the procedure is performed, the hospital or clinic chosen, the surgeon's fees, the type of implant used, and the individual patient's specific requirements.

What is Cementless Total Hip Replacement?

A cementless joint prosthesis, sometimes called a press-fit prosthesis, is specially textured to allow the bone to grow onto it and adhere to it over time. Before a knee replacement, hip replacement, shoulder replacement, or other joint replacement surgery, the surgeon will talk to the patient and decide whether to use cemented prostheses, cementless prostheses, or a combination of the two.

Cost of Cementless Total Hip Replacement in Major Cities of India

For Indian patients, the cost of Cementless Total Hip Replacement in India ranges from Rs.1,40,900  to Rs. 1,80,000  & for International patients between USD 6000  to USD 7500 for the procedure.


Here is an overview of the approximate cost of Cementless Total Hip Replacement in major cities of India:


Cities Cost (INR) Cost (USD)
Mumbai 1,43,000 to 1,700,00 6500 to 7500
Delhi (NCR) 1,40,000 to 1,80,000 6000 to 7500
Chennai 1,42,000 to 1, 75,000 6300 to 7300
Bangalore 1,45,000 to 1,72,000 6700 to 7500
Kolkata 1,35,000 to 1,70,000 6200 to 7000


It's important to note that these are approximate costs and may vary based on individual cases and hospitals.

Cementless Total Hip Replacement Cost in India Vs Other Countries

India offers highly cost-effective Cementless Total Hip Replacement procedures compared to many other countries. Here is a comparison of Cementless Total Hip Replacement costs in India with some popular medical tourism destinations:


Country Cost Of Cementless Total Hip Replacement (Approx.)
India 6000 to 7500 USD
Thailand 7000 to 15000 USD
Turkey 9000 to 12000 USD
United States 31000 to 45000 USD
United Kingdom £10,000 - £15,000

These figures indicate the significant cost advantage offered by India for Cementless Total Hip Replacement surgeries, making it an attractive destination for medical tourists seeking quality treatment at an affordable price.

Cost of Different Factors Affecting Cementless Total Hip Replacement

Various factors can affect the cost of Cementless total hip replacement in India. These factors may include hospital charges, surgeon's fees, anesthesia fees, cost of the prosthetic implant, pre-surgical tests, post-operative care, and any additional medications or therapies required. It is essential to consult with a healthcare provider or hospital to get a personalized estimate of the total cost.

Pre and Post Medical Tests for Cementless Total Hip Replacement

Before undergoing a Cementless total hip replacement, patients may be required to undergo several pre-surgical tests. These tests may include blood tests, X-rays, MRI scans, electrocardiograms (ECGs), and medical evaluation to assess the patient's overall health and identify any potential risks or complications.

After the surgery, patients may need to undergo post-operative tests and follow-up appointments to monitor progress, evaluate the success of the procedure, and ensure proper healing.

Recovery time

The recovery time after Cementless total hip replacement can vary for each individual. Generally, patients can expect to stay in the hospital for a few days after the surgery. Rehabilitation and physical therapy are essential components of the recovery process and can take several weeks to months. The complete recovery and return to normal activities may vary from person to person and depend on factors such as age, overall health, adherence to rehabilitation protocols, and the extent of the surgery.

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FAQs Related to Cementless Total Hip Replacement (THR) Surgery

Why is Cemented THR Performed?

Cemented THR is often performed when the patient has weaker bone quality, osteoporosis, or compromised bone density, making it challenging for the bone to provide sufficient support for the implants. The use of cement enhances the stability of the artificial joint.

How Long Does Cemented THR Surgery Take?

The duration of Cemented THR surgery typically ranges from 1 to 2 hours. The actual time may vary based on factors such as the patient's anatomy and the complexity of the procedure.

What materials are used in Cemented THR Implants?

The femoral component is commonly made of metal alloys such as cobalt-chromium or titanium, while the acetabular component is often lined with high-density polyethylene or ceramic.

How Long is the Recovery Period for Cemented THR?

Recovery times vary among individuals, but most patients can resume normal daily activities within a few weeks. Full recovery, including the return to more strenuous activities, may take several months.

Can I Drive After Cemented THR Surgery?

The ability to drive depends on factors such as the type of anesthesia used, the side of the hip replaced, and the individual's overall recovery progress. Driving is usually resumed when the patient can safely control the vehicle.

What Are the Risks Associated with Cemented THR?

Common risks include infection, blood clots, dislocation of the implant, and complications related to anesthesia. There is also a slight risk of cement-related complications, such as cement leakage into the bloodstream.

How Long Do Cemented THR Implants Last?

Cemented THR implants are designed to last for many years, often exceeding 15 to 20 years. The longevity can be influenced by factors such as the patient's age, activity level, and the type of implant used.

Can I Engage in Physical Activities After Cemented THR?

Most patients can gradually resume low-impact activities and even some sports after recovery. However, high-impact activities may need to be avoided or approached cautiously.

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