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Kidney Transplant Cost in India

Approximate Cost for the Treatment

Approximate Cost for the Treatment

11000 $

10000 $

9000 $




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Kidney transplantation is a surgical procedure through which a healthy kidney is implanted into a patient with end-stage renal failure. The price of a Kidney Transplant in India is between 9000 to 11000 USD depending on the surgeon’s fee, hospital, etc. This method allows a person to live better and not need dialysis at all. India is now a significant destination for kidney transplants because of its affordable and top-quality healthcare services.

Kidney Transplant Cost in Major Cities of India

For Indian patients, the cost of Kidney transplant operation in India could be from Rs.7,50,000 to Rs. USD 110,000 & USD 8500 to USD 11000 for International patients for the procedure.

Here is an overview of the approximate cost of Kidney Transplant in major cities of India: Here is an overview of the approximate kidney replacement cost in india:


Cost (INR)

Cost (USD)


7,50,000 to 11,00,000

8500 to 11000 USD

Delhi (NCR)

7,00,000 to 9,00,000 

8000 to 10000 USD


6,50,000 to 8,50,000

6500 to 8000 USD


7,50,000 to 10,50,000

7000 to 8000 USD


6,00,000 to 8,50,000

6000 to 8000 USD

 It's important to note that these are not accurate costs and may based on individual cases, conditions, and hospitals.

Kidney Transplant Costs in India and Other Countries

Here is a cost estimate of a kidney replacement cost in india and other medical tourism countries:


Cost Of  Kidney Transplant(Approx.)


9000 to 11000 USD


21000 to 26000 USD


18000 to 25000 USD

United States

2,00,000 to 2,50,000 USD

United Kingdom

20,000 to 30,000 USD

Factors Affecting the Cost of Kidney Transplant

Certainly! If we are to condense the information about the factors affecting the kidney transplant charges in india into six primary categories, here’s a streamlined overview: If we are to condense the information about the factors affecting the cost of a kidney transplant into six primary categories, here’s a streamlined overview:

  • Medical Expenses

This includes the costs for pre-transplant evaluations, the surgery itself, and all other procedures such as for the donor and recipient. Many testing and multiple medical teams are usually required.

  • Medication Costs

Long-term immunosuppressant medications must be taken to prevent the organ from being rejected. These drugs, together with others that are used in the course of treatment of side effects or complications, are the major factor in the overall cost.

  • Hospital Services

The length of hospital stays and the level of hospitals (e.g., private vs. public, geographic location) used can be the reason for the total cost variations. The intensity of care is also taken into account, which in some cases can differ greatly from patient to patient.

  • Insurance Coverage

The kind and level of insurance coverage can vary as much as the financial impact on the patient. Insurance plan differences and variances in reimbursement rates are the main challenges.

  • Geographical Factors

The costs of travel to a destination may vary greatly because of the differences in living costs, healthcare standards and the availability of specialized care. Besides the extra expenses for travel and lodging for patients who do not live close to the transplant hospitals, this also contributes to the rise in costs.

  • Supply and Demand

The supply of donors and the need for kidney transplantation affect the price. The regions with a limited number of donors or specialized facilities might observe higher costs due to these constraints.

These six components encompass all the major factors that affect the cost of kidney transplants, enabling patients and families to make informed decisions and financial management during the transplant process.

Pre- and Post-Medical Tests for Kidney Transplant

Pre- and post-medical tests for a kidney transplant are the key tools to check matching and monitor the recovery. Pre-transplant tests consist of blood typing, tissue typing, cross-matching and examinations of heart, lungs and kidneys. Post-transplant tests, which are used to monitor the organ function and rejection, are essential. The tests include regular blood tests to measure creatinine, electrolytes, and liver function, and imaging studies like ultrasound or CT scan to determine the condition of the transplanted kidney and to detect any possible complications.

Recovery Time

The recovery period after a kidney transplant can take up to several weeks of decreased activity which is normal. Most patients are in the hospital for 5-10 days after the surgery. Most patients can fully recover, that is, they can resume their normal activities, within the period of 3 to 6 months. It is crucial to closely supervise the patient during this period to ensure that the new kidney is functioning normally and medications are properly adjusted.

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No more Dialysis

Kidney transplant in India has the highest success rates worldwide.

4 Whys

Why Kidney Transplant?

    No need for dialysis
    More freedom and flexibility
    No weekly appointments
    More life expectancy

Why Overseas?

    Multidisciplinary team
    Patient-centered care
    Infection control and safety protocols
    Long-term results

Why Advance Treatment?

    Quick recovery
    Short Hospital stay
    Minimally invasive
    Excellent outcomes

Why Yapita Health?

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Treatment Related Information


Who is the most compatible kidney donor

Genetically related family members are the most compatible kidney donors.


Recovery duration after a kidney transplant

The average recovery time is about 6 weeks.


Precautions advised after kidney transplant

Heavy weight lifting, driving, and strenuous exercises are not recommended after a kidney transplant.


Is kidney transplant better than dialysis

Yes, a kidney transplant is better than dialysis.

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Kidney Transplant cost

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Kidney Transplant cost

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Kidney Transplant At Yapita Health

At Yapita Health, we offer kidney transplant services with a skilled medical team. Our expertise, personalized care, and state-of-the-art facilities ensure the best outcomes for patients in need of a kidney transplant. Trust us for a successful procedure and improved quality of life.


FAQs Related to Kidney Transplant

What Factors Affect the Cost of Kidney Transplant in India?

Factors that affect the cost of kidney transplant in India include the type of transplant, hospital facilities, surgeon's fees, and post-operative care.

What Are the Pre-Transplant Tests Required for a Kidney Transplant in India?

Pre-transplant tests for a kidney transplant in India may include blood tests, cross-matching, imaging studies, heart evaluation, and psychological assessments.

What Is the Success Rate of Kidney Transplant in India?

The success rate of kidney transplant in India is quite high, with a success rate ranging from 90-95% in the first year and 85% survival rate over a span of 5 years.

Can Patients Get an Insurance Plan for Kidney Transplant in India?

Some insurance companies in India may offer coverage for kidney transplant procedures. Patients are advised to check with their insurance provider for specific coverage and limitations.

What Is the Recovery Time After Kidney Transplant?

The recovery time after a kidney transplant varies for each patient, but it typically requires a hospital stay of around 10-15 days. Full recovery and adjustment to the new kidney can take several months.

How Long Does a Kidney Transplant Take?

The actual transplantation surgery for a kidney transplant usually takes about 3-4 hours. However, the entire process from evaluation to finding a suitable donor may take several months.

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