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Refund Policy - Yapita Health Private Limited

Refund Policy
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1. Refund Policy

a) Our services

Yapita Health allows you to register so that we can start looking for the best doctors and healthcare facilities for your budget. We also note down your preferences like preferred city, budget, department, and treatment type, and based on your preferences, we gather a list of matching doctors and preferred healthcare facilities and provide it to you, so that you can make a wise decision on your healthcare needs. Following are our services:

(a) Providing the best second medical opinion based on your medical reports using our vast range of doctors from our network hospitals

(b) Helping with VISA/travel-related problems and making the overall travel process easier.

(c) Providing telemedicine consultation using our vast range of doctors from our network hospitals.

(c) Assisting and providing ground support for hotel/guest house stay, forex exchange, bill settlements, etc.

2. Company Act

Yapita Health PVT LTD is regulated under the companies ACT of 2013 passed in the Parliament of India.

3. Usage

a) condition of usage

Use of the Yapita Health services is only permitted for all persons. The use of the Yapita Health services requires the registration of the User by creating a user account (hereinafter "Account") on the platform.

b) Registration

(1) Only one registration is permitted per user.
(2) In order to set up an account, you can fill up the electronic form by answering a few questions on, you need to provide an email address, phone number, etc.
(3) Inorder to activate the account, you need to click on the activation link sent to your email and set your password. Once done, you can login to your Account using the login page.

4. Fees/ charge

Yapita Health charges for services like second opinions and online consultations from the patients. The fees include consultation costs from the doctor and hospital which may vary for patients depending on their origin country

For services like hotel stay, forex exchange, flight booking, etc we connect you to our partner networks which provide you service at a reasonable rate.

6. Refunds

Note: For refund from the partner services. We assist the patients to get the refund from them.

25 Apr 2024 – Version 2.0

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