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Cost of Total Hip Replacement in Ethiopia

Approximate Cost for the Treatment

Approximate Cost for the Treatment

8700 $

7350 $

6000 $




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A total hip replacement is a surgical operation in which an artificial implant is used to replace a hip joint that is diseased or broken. The Hip Replacement price in Ethiopia is between $ 11000 to $ 13000, depending on different medical factors. Because the costs are less than in other foreign nations, patients are urged to select renowned facilities where they may expect the best treatment.
Yapita Health's main goal is to price all therapies naturally. Patients are recommended to choose reputable facilities where they may receive the greatest treatment because the fees are lower than in other foreign countries.

What Situations Demand Full Hip Replacement Surgery for a Person?

When an individual's quality of life and daily activities are greatly impacted by osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fractures, avascular necrosis, dysplasia, or bone tumours, total hip replacement surgery becomes necessary. These conditions cause chronic hip pain, stiffness, limited mobility, and poor function.

Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in Ethiopia and Other Countries

Here is a Hip Replacement Surgery cost estimate compared to some other countries.


Cost of Total Hip Replacement (Approx.)


$ 6000 to $ 8700.


$ 7000 to $ 9000


$ 12000 to $ 14000

United Kingdom

$ 22000 to $ 24000

United Arab Emirates

$ 22500 to $ 23800

Ethiopia is a desirable destination for medical tourists looking for high-quality care at a reasonable cost because these data only provide a rough indication of the costs associated with total hip replacement surgeries rather than a particular comparison.

Note: These are only approximate costs which differ based on individual cases of fees, medical centres, and Orthopedic Doctors.

Factors Impacting the Cost of Hip Replacement

Various factors impact the Cost of Total Hip Replacement:

  • The cost varies depending on whether the hospital is public, private, or a specialized orthopaedic.

  • The surgeon's expertise and reputation can impact the fee.

  • Whether you receive a standard or premium hip implant will affect its cost.

  • Extra medical services: Medication, post-operative rehabilitation, and pre-operative diagnostics could increase the overall cost.

Medical Tests for Hip Replacement

The cost of your hip implant will depend on whether you choose a regular or premium one.

Additional medical services: Pre-operative diagnostics, post-operative rehabilitation, and medication may raise the entire cost. These diagnostic procedures could include blood or urine testing, ECGs, X-rays, and many more tests that rule out any underlying medical issues.

Follow-up Care During Recovery

The patients will have regular follow-ups with the medical team to be checked on their progress, the healing process, the medication prescription, the physical therapy needs, and any concerns or complications that may arise.

Risks and Benefits

Although hip replacement surgery is considered safe and effective, it comes with possible complications as any other operation: infection, clots, loosening of the implant, nerve or blood vessel injury are among them, as well as anaesthesia-related risks. The benefits include minimizing pain, improving mobility, and having a higher life quality.

How to get a Hip Replacement in Ethiopia at Yapita Health

Yapita Health, with its Hip Replacement Centre supporters, provides Hip Replacement globally. Our highly expert Hip Surgeons can help in getting Hip Replacement surgery done in many countries including Ethiopia, UAE, India, Thailand, the UK, and many more. Book a consultation with us to get the best cost of Hip Surgery for your requirements.

You can fill up the form at the top of the page to start your Hip Replacement treatment journey with Yapita Health.



4 Whys

Why Total Hip Replacement?

    Ease pain
    Better life quality
    Painless mobility

Why Overseas?

    More options
    Advanced technology

Why Advance Treatment?

    Minimally invasive
    No pain
    Quick recovery

Why Yapita Health?

    Robotic knee surgery
    Experienced orthopedic surgeons
    Patient Success stories

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Treatment Related Information


Types of Total Hip Replacement

  • Traditional Total Hip Replacement

  • Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement

  • Hip Resurfacing


Average hospital stay Days after hip replacement

The typical hospital stay after hip replacement surgery is one night, although some patients may stay longer while others may be able to go home on the same day as the surgery



Success rate of Total Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement has a high success rate ranges from 80% to 90%


Recovery Time for Total Hip Replacement

The recovery time for total hip replacement varies, but it generally takes several weeks to months to fully recover and resume normal activities.

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Total Hip Replacement cost

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Total Hip Replacement cost

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Total Hip Replacement At Yapita Health

We offer top-quality medical tourism services to help patients like you receive the best treatment abroad. With our team of experienced doctors and state-of-the-art facilities, you can trust us to provide you with exceptional care and support throughout your journey. Our dedicated team of medical professionals will be with you every step of the way, ensuring your journey to recovery is as smooth and successful as possible.

FAQs Related to Total Hip Replacement

What factors affect the cost of Total Hip Replacement in Addis Ababa, Ethipia

Factors that affect the cost of total hip replacement in Addis Ababa, Ethipia include the choice of hospital, type of implant used, surgeon's fees, anesthesia fees, pre-surgical tests, post-operative care, and any additional procedures or therapies required.

What are the pre-transplant tests required for Total Hip Replacement in Addis Ababa, Ethipia

Pre-transplant tests for total hip replacement may include blood tests, X-rays, MRI scans, ECGs, and a medical evaluation to assess the patient's overall health and identify any potential risks or complications.

What is the success rate of Total Hip Replacement in Addis Ababa, Ethipia

The success rate of total hip replacement in Addis Ababa, Ethipia is generally high, with most patients experiencing significant pain relief and improved mobility. However, success rates can vary depending on individual factors such as age, underlying medical conditions, and adherence to post-operative rehabilitation.

Can patients get an insurance plan for Total Hip Replacement in Addis Ababa, Ethipia

Many insurance plans in Addis Ababa, Ethipia cover total hip replacement. It is advisable to check with insurance providers to understand the coverage and reimbursement options available.

What is the recovery time after Total Hip Replacement?

The recovery time after total hip replacement can vary, but it generally takes several weeks to months to fully recover and resume normal activities. Rehabilitation and physical therapy are crucial for regaining strength, mobility, and function.

How long does Total Hip Replacement take?

The duration of a total hip replacement surgery typically ranges from 1 to 2 hours. However, the specific factors related to the patient and the surgical technique can influence the duration of the procedure.

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