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Hair Transplant Cost In Mumbai

Approximate Cost for the Treatment

Approximate Cost for the Treatment

3100 $

2900 $

2750 $




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Hair transplant- A surgical process of moving hair follicles from the areas where hair always grows (donor spots) to those where the hair is lost (the receiver spots). The price for a Hair Transplant in Mumbai, India ranges from $ 2500 to $ 2800 per 1000 grafts. Hair transplant procedures in Mumbai include a variety of techniques, from classic to modern, such as FUE and robotic hair transplant. With renowned clinics and expert surgeons, Mumbai offers comprehensive hair loss remedies that cater to a wide range of needs while providing superior outcomes.

The hair loss individuals can now be satisfied with the natural look and this will increase their self-confidence. This is because of the technical methods of hair treatment.

Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai and other cities

Here are some cities where you can get Hair Transplants at affordable prices:

Cities, Countries

Cost Range In USD

Mumbai, India

$ 2500 to $2800

Bangkok, Thailand

$ 3,000 to $ 4,000

Istanbul, Turkey

$ 2000 to $ 3000

London, United Kingdom

$ 10,000 to $ 12,000

Dubai, UAE

$ 12,000 to $ 14,000

Mumbai offers a cost-effective variety of Hair Transplant methods or procedures compared to many other countries.

It is essential to note that these are not fixed costs and may vary depending on particular situations, variables, hospital facilities, and therapy availability.

Factors Affecting the Hair Transplant Cost


Hair transplant cost in Mumbai is affected by different factors, these factors are:

  • Grafts: The more the digit of grafts may needed, the surgery will be more and more costly.

  • Technical Differentiation: The FUT procedure technically involves cutting out a strip of skin from the back of the patient’s head that has hair follicles, while on the other side, the FUE method extracts individual follicular units to calculate this price.

  • Clinic Popularity: Those clinics that perform the best suitable services and have great experience or expertise can demand higher costs.

  • Geographical Place: Different cities or regions have different cost calculations of living thus may be little different prices in the city where you will go to get hair transplant treatment or the part where the hair clinic is located.

Pre and Post Medical Tests

If you are looking for hair transplant therapy, a variety of pre-tests may be performed to assess your overall health and surgical history. Blood tests, scalp analysis, and a medical history examination are some of the most prevalent diagnostics. However, after surgery, post-operative tests or examinations may be required to assess your expected outcome and give the best results.

Recovery Time

The recovery time after a hair transplant procedure differs from patient to patient. Generally, one can expect to continue normal activities within a week or two. However, full hair growth may take several months. During the recovery time, it is critical to follow the post-operative care guidelines suggested by your hair transplant surgeon to confirm successful and long-lasting results. Recovery time is also based on the person’s daily lifestyle and habits.

How to get a Hair Transplant in Mumbai using Yapita Health

Yapita Health with its Hair Clinic partners delivers advanced hair transplants in Mumbai and across other parts of the world. Our Expert hair doctors can help in getting Hair transplants done in many cities including Mumbai, Istanbul, Dubai, London, and many more. Please book a consultation with us to get the affordable cost of a hair transplant created for your demands.

You can also fill up the form at the top of the site’s page to start your hair transplant journey with Yapita Health.



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Treatment Related Information


Types of hair transplant

There are different types of hair transplant procedures available, such as follicular unit extraction (FUE), follicular unit transplant (FUT), and neograft hair transplants.


Success rate of hair transplantation

The success rate of hair transplantation varies depending on factors like the expertise of the surgeon, quality of donor hair, and individual condition. Generally, hair transplantation has shown to be an effective treatment for many types of hair loss.


Recovery time for hair transplant

The initial healing and settling of transplanted hair follicles typically take around 10-14 days. However, the full results can take several months to become noticeable, as the transplanted hair goes through a growth cycle


Criteria to qualify for a hair transplantation

It is best to consult with a healthcare professional to determine if you qualify for a hair transplant. Factors such as the amount of available donor hair, overall health, and the cause of hair loss play a role in determining eligibility for the procedure.

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Hair Transplantation cost

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Hair Transplantation cost

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Hair Transplantation At Yapita Health

At Yapita Health we attempt to provide hair transplant solutions while maintaining quality and safety as we know how Hair Loss can impact your self-esteem and personality. Our highly qualified doctors and fully dedicated staff are there to deliver you with the finest possible care and support during your hair transplant treatment journey.

FAQs Related to Hair Transplantation

What factors affect the cost of hair transplant in Mumbai?

Several factors can affect the cost of hair transplant in Mumbai, including the number of grafts required, surgical technique used, clinic reputation, the geographical location of the clinic, and other factors. However, hair transplant procedures in India are generally more affordable compared to other countries while still ensuring quality.

What are the pre-tests required for a hair transplant in Mumbai?

Before undergoing a hair transplant procedure in Mumbai, your healthcare provider may require you to undergo blood tests, scalp analysis, and a medical history evaluation. These tests help determine your overall health and ensure that you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

What is the success rate of hair transplant in Mumbai?

Hair transplant procedures in Mumbai have a high success rate when performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon. The success rate of hair transplant depends on the individual case and may vary from person to person. It is essential to consult with your surgeon about your expectations and the realistic outcomes for your hair transplant procedure.

Can patients get an insurance plan for hair transplant in Mumbai?

Insurance plans do not typically cover hair transplant procedures because they are considered cosmetic surgeries. However, patients can still avail of financing options or payment plans offered by their chosen clinic to cover the cost of hair transplant in Delhi(NCR).

What is the recovery time after hair transplant?

The recovery time after hair transplant varies depending on the individual case and the surgical technique used. Generally, you can expect to resume your regular activities within a week or two after the surgery. Full hair growth may take several months, and it is essential to follow your surgeon's post-operative care instructions for the best results.

How long does hair transplant take?

The duration of hair transplant procedures in India may vary depending on the number of grafts required and the surgical technique used. Typically, a hair transplant procedure can take anywhere from four to eight hours. However, some procedures may require multiple sessions to achieve the desired results. Your surgeon will be able to give you a more accurate estimate of the duration of your hair transplant procedure during your consultation.

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