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Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in Dubai

22000 $

20000 $

18000 $




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Affordable and Effective ways for Knee Replacement

In Dubai, there is a wide variation in the cost of a knee replacement procedure. While in this process, the patient’s knee joint is dismantled and an artificial implant is installed instead. The damaged knee can cause problems like knee pain and restriction in mobility. The final price is determined by multiple factors such as the facility that you choose, the surgical site, the surgeon's fees, the type of knee implant, and the individual needs of each patient. Their initial pricing could be from $18,000 to $22,000 and even more. It is advisable for patients to be aware of all these factors and to get medical advice to understand the total cost of a knee replacement in Dubai.

Knee Replacement Surgery in Dubai
Types and Cost Comparison of Knee Replacement Procedure

Knee Replacement Surgery Price in Dubai and Other Countries

Most countries have very expensive Knee Replacement surgeries while Dubai is highly cost-effective for the same. Here is a comparison between knee replacement cost in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and many popular medical and healthcare travel destinations:


City, Country

Cost Of Knee Replacement (Approx.)

Dubai, UAE

$ 18,000 to $ 22,000

London, UK $ 18,000 to $ 22,000

New York, USA

$ 20,000 to $ 35,000

Istanbul Turkey

$ 8,000 to $12,000

Delhi, India

$ 5,000 to $ 8,000

Bangkok, Thailand

$ 8,000 to $12,000


These numbers clearly show that Dubai is a very favorable place for Knee Replacement surgeries as it offers high-quality treatment at a competitive cost, which makes it a perfect destination for medical tourists.

In case of extreme knee pain and other diseases that include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and traumatic knee damage, a knee replacement is needed. Knee replacement surgery enables a person to walk and improves their quality of life by replacing worn-out joint surfaces with artificial implants when no other treatment is possible.


Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in Dubai

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Hip Replacement

Various cost factors affect the knee Replacement Surgery:

  • Type of Hospital - The hospitals that are bigger and more established will perform this surgery at a higher cost compared to public or government hospitals.

  • Doctor or Surgeon - Many doctors and surgeons are willing to perform this surgery but it is advised to get this surgery from experienced doctors and surgeons only, who might charge more.

  • Type of Artificial Knee Replacement Implant - Knee replacement implants are made from many materials. Each material implant has a different cost. The implants can be made of metal, plastic or even ceramic.

  • Other Medical Services - Post-operative rehabilitation, Pre-operative diagnostics, and medications might raise the total cost.

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FAQs Related to Knee Replacement Surgery

What factors affect the cost of Knee Replacement in Dubai

Factors such as the choice of hospital, surgeon's experience, type of knee implant, and additional medical services can influence the cost of knee replacement in Dubai.

What are the pre-tests required for a Knee Replacement in Dubai?

Pre-tests for knee replacement in Dubai may include blood tests, X-rays, ECG, and other evaluations to assess overall health and detect any underlying medical conditions.

What is the success rate of Knee Replacement in Dubai?

The success rate of knee replacement in Duabi is generally high approximately around 90 to 95%, with patients experiencing significant pain relief and improvement in mobility. However, success rates can vary depending on individual factors and proper post-operative care.

Can patients get an insurance plan for Knee Replacement in Dubai?

Yes, some insurance providers in Dubai offer coverage for knee replacement surgery. It is advisable to check with insurance companies for specific coverage details.

What is the recovery time after Knee Replacement?

Recovery time can vary, but it generally takes about 6 to 8 weeks to resume normal activities after knee replacement surgery. Full recovery may take several months.

How long does a Knee Replacement operation take?

The duration of a knee replacement operation typically ranges from 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on the complexity of the case and any additional procedures required.

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